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Grace Returns to TRS July 28 2017

Limited satellite data once again. Only a few data points on July 22, 25 and 28. But enough data to know that Grace stopped off near Creswell, NC before returning to the North Carolina Tidewater Agriculture Research Station. As of this map White arrow at 6:48am July 28.

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Grace Leaves TRS Flies East July 22, 2017

Grace has flown east to the edge of Albemarle Sound. She first stopped off on July 19 at Creswell, NC where she has been several times in the past. Again there is only sparse data on July 16, 19 and 22. As of this map Grace is in Tyrrell County on July 22 at 6:24pm.

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Grace Remains at TRS July 16, 2017

Grace remains at the private catfish ponds and Tidewater Agriculture Research Station east of Plymouth, NC. Grace left home in Virginia Beach on July 22, 2014 and flew to the James River. She spent a few weeks there then flew north to Maryland and the Conowingo Dam. After a few days there she made her way south to Dare County, NC where she spent a few weeks. She first found the catfish ponds and TRS on December 15, 2014. Since that time Grace has wandered north into Virginia and Maryland many times, but always seems to find her way back to Plymouth, NC. As of this map she is at TRS on July 16 at 9:07am. Again we only have very few data reports from her solar transmitter on July 10, 13 and 16. Click on map to enlarge.



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