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Branching has begun

20090528_12-02-52.jpgThe oldest eagle chick, band HK, a male, has begun to show his wing power by making it up to a branch over the nest. Took him several attempts. This is at least the second time he has been successful. All three should be doing this within a few days. Part of their muscle building and preparation for flight.

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Building flight muscles

20090521_18-20-40.jpgMay 21 saw the two oldest eaglets HK (the one with all the white feathers) and HH (with transmitter) flapping their wings and jumping from one side of the nest to the other. Building flight muscle. The youngest eaglet (HE) just watched. What’s next? Branching. Stepping out of the nest onto the surrounding tree branches. Perhaps today. Hope you are watching.

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Welcome from Rlukei (Reese)

Thank you for visiting the CCB Eagletrak blog. If you have questions about the NBG eagles or bald eagles in Virginia in general, I will attempt to answer them. CCB staff has been monitoring and surveying the BE population in Virginia since 1977. The first pair to return to lower Tidewater was in 1989 at First Landing State Park. The pair at NBG are in their 3rd nest that we know about – two at NBG and a first one on the east side of the Norfolk Airport runway

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Welcome to EagleTrak

Welcome to the CCB EagleTrak blog! On Wednesday, May 20, 2009, biologists from The Center for Conservation Biology will be placing an ultra-light satellite transmitter on a bald eagle chick from the eagle nest at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. You can view the action in person at the Norfolk Botanical Garden (NBG), or via the NBG eagle nest camera, hosted by WVEC, where you can check-in on the family of bald eagles later. When the eagle chick fledges (learns to fly), CCB (and you!) will be able to track its movements. You can also opt to adopt the transmitter eagle at wildlifetracking.org.

Come back to the EagleTrak blog and EagleTrak Homepage to learn more about those movements from CCB researchers and view the EagleTrak Gallery. You can post your questions about eagles here for CCB to answer.

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