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Grace On Peninsula in Hampton as of March 18

First – Because of the cloudy – rainy weather the past few days, the satellite transmitter battery was operating on low power. Therefore, we have no data for March 13, 14, 16 and 17, and limited data for March 12, 15 and 18. So, here is what we did get.

Grace was at Lake Taylor in Norfolk as of 6:00pm March 12 and Little Creek Reservoir in Virginia Beach at 6:52pm. The next we know is that she was at First Landing State Park March 15 at 6:31am. Next data Grace was in Hampton March 17 at Midnight. She then flew to Tabb, VA. As of this map Grace appears to be in route to the Bethel Landfill in Hampton – WHITE arrow March 18 10:34am.

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Where are the Transmittered Bald Eagles?

Where are eleven of the juvenile bald eagles fitted with GSM?GPS transmitteres and banded with PURPLE leg bands in May 2016? See the maps below which cover the period March 8 through March 13. Two are in North Carolina, one in Norfolk, six in Virginia Beach, and two in other parts of Virginia. But as you will see they wander widely in a 5 day period. Click on maps to enlarge.

RB banded in Norfolk – Now on the York River in King William County, VA

RC banded in Norfolk – Now at Oceans Lakes in Virginia Beach, VA

RD banded in Virginia Beach – Now on Rappahannock River south of Warsaw, VA

RE banded in Virginia Beach – Now at Lake Taylor in Norfolk, VA. Shelly Fowler got this photo of RE the morning of Mar13. Photo used with her permission.

RM banded in Virginia Beach – Now in Pasquotank County, NC

RN banded in Virginia Beach – Now at Owls Creek in Virginia Beach, VA

RR banded in Virginia Beach – Now near Wayside Manor on Elizabeth River in Virginia Beach

RS banded in Virginia Beach – Now on the Pasquotank River in Pasquotank County, NC

RU banded in Virginia Beach – Now on Owls Creek by Shadowlawn in Virginia Beach

RV banded in Virginia Beach – Now on Long Island in Back Bay NWR in Virginia Beach, VA

RX banded in Virginia Beach – Now near Kinsale, VA in Northumberland County, VA



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Grace at Lake Taylor in Norfolk 3/12/2017

Grace did some flying last week. She began at the NC Tidewater Research Station, flew to Phelps Lake, then back to TRS. She then flew across Albemarle Sound to the Chowan River and back to TRS. On March 11 about 10:00am she left TRS heading north and spent the night near Sunbury, NC. The morning of March 12 she crossed into Virginia flying to Hunters Chase in Norfolk on Lake Whitehurst. As of this map Grace is at Lake Taylor in Norfolk March 12 at 6:00pm – WHITE arrow.

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Grace Returns to Tidewater Research Station 3/2/2017

Grace just cannot resist returning to the NC Tidewater Agriculture Research Station and the private catfish farm. After a few days on the Peninsula area in Virginia, she crossed Chesapeake Bay and flew to the Great Dismal Swamp NWR (GREEN), then north into Isle of Wight County (BLUE and ORANGE). From there she headed south back into North Carolina (PURPLE), arriving at TRS at 3:00pm on March 2 (YELLOW pointer). As of this satellite map Grace is at TRS WHITE arrow Mar 2 at 8:00pm. Click on maps to enlarge. PS – I have no idea what the green lines are so just ignore them. The other red data poits are when Grace was at TRS Feb 21-23.

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Grace Returns to Virginia Peninsula Feb 25 2017

Grace hung around the Tidewater Research Station for a couple days, but then on Feb 23 at Noon she headed North. By 3:00pm she was at the Bethel Landfill off I-64 in Hampton, VA. That was a straight line flight of about 95 miles in 3 hours. As of this satellite map Grace is on Chisman Creek in York County – WHITE arrow Feb 25 at 5:00pm. Click on maps to enlarge.


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