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Bald Eagle Purple DC Jan 1, 2018

On April 23, 2010 Dr Bryan Watts and Libby Mojica banded 3 nestling bald eagles in their nest along the Colonial Parkway in Williamsburg, VA. One of the 3 was banded Purple “DC”. Here is a photo Dr Watts took of the 3 nestlings, with DC in the middle, a female.

On New Year’s day Jan 1, 2018, Christine Kent got the year off with amazing news. She captured a photo of a bald eagle with purple “DC” in a field off Benefit Road in Chesapeake, VA. Here is the photo of DC in flight, and a zoomed in photo in which I was able to read the purple band. Many thanks to Christine for sharing her photo. These purple bands are paying dividends, even though sometimes it takes years to payoff. Photos used with permission.

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Grace Transmitter Stops Sending Signal

The last satellite signal from the transmitter that bald eagle Grace is wearing was at 6:43am on October 17 near the mouth of the Poropotank River where it flows into the York River in Gloucester County, VA. A search was made of the area by a biologist from the Center for Conservation Biology and the transmitter was not found. The transmitter has been loosing signal for several weeks and likely has failed. The transmitter was fitted on Grace in Virginia Beach on May 20, 2014, so sent signals for over 3 years which is the average life of these transmitters. Grace is wearing a purple band (MR) on her left leg, so perhaps one day she will be located raising a family at a nest in this region. Click on photo to enlarge.

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Location October 29-31, 2017 Bald Eagles with Transmitters

In May 2016 biologists with the Center for Conservation Biology (CCB) banded 12 nestling Bald Eagles in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Va with purple bands and fitted them with GSM/GPS (cell) transmitters. Of the 12 juveniles eight are still flying. One is believed to be dead (RW) but not yet confirmed. One dropped its transmitter on Red Wing Golf Course in Virginia Beach and the transmitter has been recovered (RU). Another juvenile (RX) dropped its transmitter near Bethel, DE and the transmitter has not been recovered. A fourth juvenile (RN) dropped its transmitter on a small island in the James River in Virginia and an effort is underway to recover the transmitter.

The maps below of the remaining eight bald eagles show their movement during the period October 15 to Oct 29-31, 2017. The GSM/GPS data came all on one map so the data can be a bit confusing to read. Each eagle is identified by a color and a YELLOW ARROW for its location on October 15, and a WHITE ARROW for its location on October 29-31, 2017. Only one juvenile is currently in Tidewater and that is RV who was in Great Neck off Inlynnview Rd in Virginia Beach on October 31. Click on maps to enlarge.

RR banded in Virginia Beach – now in Mathews County, VA – Purple data points

RS banded in Virginia Beach – now in Currituck County, NC near Moyock – Orange data points

RB banded in Norfolk – now in Isle of Wight County, VA on the James River near Rushmere – Medium Blue data points

RC banded in Norfolk – now in King George County, VA at the county landfill – Green data points

RM banded in Virginia Beach – now in Pasquotank County, NC near the Albemarle Sound – Yellow data points

RV banded in Virginia Beach – now in Great Neck in Virginia Beach – Red data points

RE banded in Virginia Beach – now in New Kent County, VA near Barhamsville – Dark Blue data points

RD banded in Virginia Beach – now in Sussex County, VA at county landfill near Waverly – Green data points

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No New Data for Grace Oct 30, 2017

Well, it is not clear at this date as to the status of the satellite transmitter that Grace is wearing. There was no new data from the transmitter this week. The last reported location is on Puritan Island on the York River near the mouth of the Poroqotank River in Gloucester County, VA at 6:43am October 17, 2017.

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