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Grace at Episcopal Conference Center Sept 17, 2017

Grace has spent the past week in Surry County, VA visiting the Episcopal Chanco Conference Center on the James River near Spring Grove. She also visited the Pipsico Boy Scout Reservation next door to the east. WHITE arrow is as of 6:50pm Sept 17. Satellite data continues to be sparse with a few locations on Sept 11, 14 and 17.

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Grace Visits Norfolk-Back to Surry 20170911

Grace is still in Surry County Virginia on the James River. But, on Sept 5 she made a 40 mile flight to the Mason Creek/Bayview section of Norfolk and back to Surry. As of this satellite map Grace is back on the James river Sept 11 at Midnight – WHITE arrow.

There is a technical glitch this morning that will not allow me to post the satellite maps. When I get help to solve that problem I will come back and post the maps.






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