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Grace at Sandbridge Va Beach 4/23/17

Again we are missing data because of low power in Grace’s solar battery in her satellite transmitter. No data for April 18, 19, 21, 22, and only partial data the other days last week. Grace was first at the North Carolina Tidewater Agriculture Research Station east of Plymouth. Sometime on April 21 she flew to Chesapeake in the Mount Pleasant area. As of this map Grace is at Sandbridge near Sand Bend Road – WHITE arrow April 23 at 9:50am. Click on maps to enlarge.

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Grace Make Round-trip to Hampton 4/16/2017

Very limited data for Grace this week. No data April 9, 10, 13, 15. Very little the other days for the past week. We do know Grace was at Big Bethel Reservoir in Hampton and then flew back to TRS in North Carolina. As of this map April 16 at Midnight – WHITE arrow – Grace was at TRS.

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Grace at Alligator River NWR 4/8/2017

Once again cloudy weather last week has affected the satellite transmitter solar battery that Grace is wearing. There was no data for April 3 and 4, and 6 and 7. Grace was at the NC agriculture research station near Plymouth. Sometime on April 6 or 7 she flew east to the Alligator River NWR near Manns Harbor, NC which is where she is as of April 8 at 4:00am. Click on maps to enlarge.

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Grace Round-Trip TRS/Red Wing/TRS 4/2/2017

Again we are missing data because of the cloudy weather resulting in low solar battery strength. There was no data for March 26, March 28/29, and April 1. During this period Grace flew from the Tidewater Research Station at Roper, NC (TRS) to Virginia Beach and back to TRS. Grace spent the night of Mar 29/30 at Red Wing Golf Course in Virginia Beach. As of this satellite map Grace is back at TRS – April 2 at 6:07pm – WHITE arrow.

Grace hatched April 1, 2014 in her nest in Virginia Beach, so she is now 3 years old!!!!


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Grace at Lake Taylor in Norfolk 3/12/2017

Grace did some flying last week. She began at the NC Tidewater Research Station, flew to Phelps Lake, then back to TRS. She then flew across Albemarle Sound to the Chowan River and back to TRS. On March 11 about 10:00am she left TRS heading north and spent the night near Sunbury, NC. The morning of March 12 she crossed into Virginia flying to Hunters Chase in Norfolk on Lake Whitehurst. As of this map Grace is at Lake Taylor in Norfolk March 12 at 6:00pm – WHITE arrow.

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