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Grace Transmitter Stops Sending Signal

The last satellite signal from the transmitter that bald eagle Grace is wearing was at 6:43am on October 17 near the mouth of the Poropotank River where it flows into the York River in Gloucester County, VA. A search was made of the area by a biologist from the Center for Conservation Biology and the transmitter was not found. The transmitter has been loosing signal for several weeks and likely has failed. The transmitter was fitted on Grace in Virginia Beach on May 20, 2014, so sent signals for over 3 years which is the average life of these transmitters. Grace is wearing a purple band (MR) on her left leg, so perhaps one day she will be located raising a family at a nest in this region. Click on photo to enlarge.

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Grace Flies to North Carolina Oct 2, 2017

Grace has returned to Dare County, NC. Again there is very limited satellite data but Grace left the James River area on Sept 29 and flew to Perquimans County, NC. From there she crossed the Albemarle Sound into Dare County. As of this satellite map Grace is at the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge west of Manns Harbor – WHITE arrow Oct 2, Midnight.

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Grace at Episcopal Conference Center Sept 17, 2017

Grace has spent the past week in Surry County, VA visiting the Episcopal Chanco Conference Center on the James River near Spring Grove. She also visited the Pipsico Boy Scout Reservation next door to the east. WHITE arrow is as of 6:50pm Sept 17. Satellite data continues to be sparse with a few locations on Sept 11, 14 and 17.

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